Teaching Farm

Our “farm” is the perfect place to show the children and grown ups what nature offers us and to teach them the importance of respect and defense of the environment and animals.

We also organize courses for adults to learn how to make bread, pasta and natural jams and mustards.

To visit we try to transmit our passion for nature, the labors and satisfactions of our work, following the weather and seasons. They will be able to see up close and make contact with chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, turkeys, rabbits, hares, ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep, dogs and cats, to know how to work the api.Potranno play in the garden with playground .

The educational offers will be developed in order to offer the children an experience of “lived” single, which will arouse their enthusiasm and emotions, through direct contact with the countryside, animals and plants.

Objectives of the educational visit
• Spend a day in the country in nature
• Discover the environment of the hill
• Know and recognize pets
• Know the habits, behavior and feeding of farm animals
• Develop the concepts of respect for the environment
• Know the cultivated products and their use in our
• Know the agricultural tools
• Develop creativity and dexterity

Our teaching is reserved for groups, mainly school classes preprate with the collaboration of teachers.
The routes were studied and varied according to the different age of the guests: kindergartens, nursery schools, primary and secondary schools; They are also directed to people with disabilities.
The organization of the chosen routes will be agreed with the teachers. Each visit does not follow fixed patterns, but is developed starting from the chosen path adapting to stimuli and curiosity of children.

Period and duration of visits from March to September.

Teaching is conducted mainly in the wide open spaces for the animals, in the vineyard, in the garden. We have large halls covered for use in bad weather or manual activities. Negotiable costs.

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